Cassette of the Week: Deathrow, Deception Ignored

[“Cassette of the Week” is a column where I review an album that I actually purchased on cassette when it originally came out.]

Today it’s Deathrow’s 1988 Deception Ignored.

They’re German, they’re thrash circa late 80s– they’re awesome, is what I’m saying.

On their third album (on Noise records) Deathrow anticipate nearly every technical death metal band, and do so with lyrics surprisingly candid and psychologically open– as well as literate and poetic in English (despite several amusing mis-pronunciations): for instance the first few lines from The Deathwish:

He stands at the abyss, and looks into the depths/ Whispers in his brain want him to take the final step/ He sees his whole past life, now/ Flashing in front of his eyes/ He fears the second that would surely free him from his life

Perhaps obviously, I wouldn’t include this album if it didn’t hold up after all these years (the “Harry Knowles” model of review), but Events in Concealment is awesome technical thrash metal.

Look at these guys: have you ever met teenage Germans? They’re so enthusiastic about whatever it is they do it makes you ashamed to not be German. Their album rocks, and it’s worth checking out several times over for tracks like the aforementioned The Deathwish, N.L.Y.H. and the title track.

My cassette of this still works, and I’m thankful for that: although other Deathrow albums have, this hasn’t been reissued. So until some 2015 Remastered version shows up, enjoy this:

Damn. I do so much for you, and you do nothing in return. It’s like you don’t really care. You miserable whore. (Said with love.)

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