Thor’s Corner: Herculean Riff of the Day: Overkill, Skullkrusher (0:00 to 0:54)

Overkill-TheYearsofDecay.jpg Overkill - The Years of Decay image by hauntingthechapel

Tuned to C Standard (the perfect tuning, as I’ve mentioned*), this is the second half of Overkill’s Playing with Spiders/ Skullkrusher (from The Years of Decay, arguably their finest hour), and is very nearly perfect. Listen: it predates Enter Sandman by three years (though it’s very nearly the same riff) and rocks your nuts off. If it were slowed down to about 60 beats per minute (after 20 years, it still seems fast to me), it might beat “Into the Void” for Greatest Riff.

(And forget the Playing With Spiders into, if you listen to this elsewhere:)

See what you think:

(*See initial post about Sloath.)

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