Diana’s Corner: Freya’s Lick of the Day: John Gilmore, I Can’t Get Started

Gilmore is the most underrated tenor player ever: he finished his career with Sun-Ra (because he could pretty much do what he wanted, he said), and beyond that, very few knew who he was. Shame. Gilmore was allegedly where John Coltrane got his “sheets of sound” idea (even asking Gilmore after a show, point-blank, if he could, for all intents and purposes, steal his style): how Goddamned cool is that? “Yeah, I pretty much gave Coltrane what he needed, but it’s cool… I don’t need any recognition. I’m gonna hang here and jam with Sun-Ra.”

Holy Shit.

Pretty much every phrase in this clip is noteworthy, and I strive to imitate/ emulate almost all parts of it. Dig:

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