Riff of the Day: Left Lane Cruiser, Hard Luck

Holy shit this is badass.

They’re not metal, they’re barely rock (Wikipedia defines them as “punk blues“), and they swing so hard they make Black Sabbath mad they use distortion.

For God’s sake, listen to this riff: it’s barely even distorted and it’s massive. Add some gain to that sound and the space-time continuum might rupture.

And the thing is, it’s not a fluke: I had a hard fucking time trying to figure out which song from which album to use here. They’re all this juggernauty.

Left Lane Cruiser is two guys from Fort Wayne, IN. One plays drums, one a lap steel guitar detuned to D or C standard.

Hard Luck is from their 2009 album All You Can Eat!! Tell me this doesn’t massage your bowels:


And if that’s not enough, Heavy, the last track off their 2008 debut Bring Yo’ Ass to the Table, isn’t distorted at all, and may be even thicker:

Tell your colon it’s more than welcome.


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