Album cover perhaps worth cursory glance: Pelican, What We All Come to Need

(Click for ultra high-res)

It doesn’t happen much anymore, with the “album” being an increasingly-rare thing, but occasionally there are still album covers that are alone worth buying the album to get, and What We All Come to Need is one.

Maybe it’s my connection to, and the echoes here of, New Orleans (though I have no idea where this is actually depicting), maybe it’s the apocalyptic-red-of-an-imminent storm background– I really couldn’t say.

I find it strangely soothing, the emptiness of the image.

And it doesn’t hurt that I love Pelican and this album.

Try looking at the high-res version of the cover and listening to this:

Such a wonderful ache. A bleary, sweet solitude.

Soul nepenthe.


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