Microreview: Nefarium, Ad Discipulum

Here’s how it started. I’d never said a word. Not one word. It was Nefarium that made me speak up. Carnifex was a friend. So we meet on the internet. After a download on Amazon. It was after breakfast.

Nefarium (Latin: “criminal, abominable”) recorded a new album: Ad Discipulum (“to a student”). They’re Italian Black Metal. They virulently hate the church. The church being Catholic.

They never say anything you haven’t heard before. But maybe not this good. Maybe not this real. They play Paganini meets Behemoth riffs. Insanely furious but beautiful, graceful riffs. Drums like sentient rogue waves….

This was no act, no corpsepaint pageant. They really tried to create such a noise. Such a noise as God would take notice….

Servus servorum Satanae (a perversion of a Papal phrase) thrashed and blazed at such a speed as demons would hide their heads. They were ashamed. I couldn’t blame them. They were crummy in comparison. Shepherd for Dead Lambs (Johan the Baptist), Hands Bleeding Fear (Pontius Pilate), they were typical song titles. Nefarium had dedicated each song… to a lousy Catholic figure.


(Thanks to guest pseudonym LF Céline.)

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