Saturday Morning Underrated Comics– Green Lama

[Yes, another new column, where I’ll be discussing what I feel are underrated comic book characters.]

Initially a pulp novel character from the 1940s, then a comic book hero a few years later (as was The Shadow, his contemporary), the Green Lama was a Tibetan Buddhist crimefighter (unusual and cool in its own right), but also had a number of alter egos, two of whom were Dr. Pali, a Buddhist priest, and Hugh Gilmore, an “adventurer.” (Where the fuck was I on career day when those pamphlets were handed out?)

Further unusually, his powers were Buddhist (acquired during a tenure in Tibet, like a comically-high number of other heroes) and based on meditation and Tibetan medicine. He carries no gun because he’s badass. He’s even more badass because, contrary to what the Asian background might suggest, he wasn’t a martial artist. He was a badass guru (lama, actually).

Oh, and in July 2010 he fought freakin’ Chulhu.

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