Saturday [Night] Underrated Comics– Jack O’Lantern

As with most comics characters, there have been several iterations of Jack O’Lantern; all are interesting, but my favorite is the first: a talented kid attending MIT drops out, joins the Marine Corp (seemingly strangely at first; it makes sense later) and during his tour is noticed by the CIA and recruited for overseas wetwork.

Proving himself boldly psychopathic* and sadistic, even the fucking CIA felt he went too far on missions, with “questionably necessary confrontational interrogation” (torture) and kicked him loose.

This narcissistic injury lead him to create (genius engineer, remember… MIT…) a suit of articulated kevlar, one able to withstand mortar fire; a helmet bulletproof, air-cooled (because of the stage flame around it) and containing enough surveillance software to monitor a small country; literally dozens of grenades with multiple functions, and a hovering disc to enable flight.

All this to make a name for himself in the criminal underworld as a mercenary called the Jack O’Lantern.




*Professional caveat: there is not, currently, an official APA disorder called “malignant narcissism,” (which is the link I included); the closest applicable diagnoses would be antisocial personality disorder (or dissocial PD, if in Europe), perhaps comorbid with sexual sadism. However, I felt that Wikipedia’s description of the malignant narcissism syndrome to be a better description of the Jack O’Lantern’s traits. Fuck you, I am not a geek….

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