NYMF, Self-titled

Me, via The Soda Shop:

Look at the album cover: quick–what kind of band is this?

Maybe you’re hip and you already knew. But I bet you, like me, were completely wrong.

One of life’s little pleasures, I think, is being exposed to a form of art completely virgin: that is, without knowing a single thing about it beforehand. Years ago two friends brought me to see The Usual Suspects in the theater, and I hadn’t even heard of it. The delight I felt from watching a great movie completely fresh was awesome.

I didn’t know a single thing about Swedish band NYMF. Didn’t even know what NYMF stands for.

While they’re not on par with the greatness of The Usual Suspects, they were surprisingly good.

So, satanic/ occult cover aside, NYMF could best be characterized as:

The Cult as a doom metal band…

Hollywood sleaze rock like GnR or LA guns, in a St. Vitus cover band…

Junkyard with a sludge fixation and Gaahl writing the lyrics…

Or finally (and most obscurely), a detuned Seduce.

Black metal-ish song titles: The Grave, Dark Autumn’s Fire, Evil Itself, and so on… but WITH HOOKS! (Sounds like ad copy, I know, but it’s actually true. No one’s paying me to say that.*)

Every song’s memorable and rocks out with a medium fury. Vocals are raspy but melodic (except the few instances where they pull a death metal roar, which surprisingly works), and the songs are short: when they end you’re actually surprised and a bit disappointed.

Best tracks: “Regardless,” which has a bass intro and reminds me of Bang Tango’s “Someone like you,” then segueing into a sexy, evil riff (the best on the album);

NYMF, which at the end, sounds like Cathedral for a second, then goes back to detuned glam metal (again, with surprising grace and consistency); “Step Inside,” and “Bleeding Heart” with its echoes of, if you can image, a glam rock Candlemass**. Listen to it and tell me I’m wrong.

Overall, really good stuff. If they continue to evolve/ refine their sound, NYMF could be truly great.

Still no idea what NYMF stands for, though.



NYMF Myspace


*Goddamn it….
** Messiah Marcolin in spandex and makeup? HOT! Amirite?!

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