Cassette of the Week/ Nostalgic Corner of Thrash Nostalgia: Epidemic, Decameron

Yep, they realized that thrash was passé (in 1988) and were one of the first segues into death metal: Decameron– replete with blast beats and references to Boccaccio.

Like Sodom and Slayer, and to a lesser extent Kreator and Destruction, Epidemic are the missing link between the speed of thrash metal and the brutality of death.

In all honesty, I didn’t particularly like Decameron when it came out. I listened to it for awhile, and it just never took with me. After listening to it 20 years later, it’s obvious I missed something– it’s way ahead of its time, as agile as thrash metal and as fierce as death; it would still seem somewhat fresh if released today.

All the tracks work, but “Circle of Fools” “Insanity Plea” and “Blown Doors” rock me the most. Blown Doors, especially, starts slow with a monster riff, takes off insanely fast and then slows down into a typical-but-no-less-awesome Bay Area groove.

Note: there are roughly 4000 bands or artists called “Epidemic” online. Be careful to note who you’re listening to.

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