Dopefight, Buds

Dopefight* released a split last year which had a song on it called “Saviour.” Saviour was awesome. It swung, it rocked, it whatever-you-needed….

Dopefight are British, mostly instrumental, and more aggressive than much stoner rock, while still managing to sound like stoner rock.

Buds, their first full-length, suffers from… how should I put it…?


The album seems full of inside jokes; sound effects, riffs that go seemingly nowhere. It’s cute at first, then annoying. Write a song guys. Not everyone will be stoned listening to this. Not everyone should have to be to get it.

Buds is generally drudgery, not like “Savior” at all; low vocals in the mix suggest lack of confidence…Songs:

(Don’t inflict your) Spawn (Upon me): discharge-esque, but poorly paced; anti-climatic.

Slug N’ Mop: nice, unselfconscious stuff, killer riff.

Ampnoncefuck: nice study in repetition… Ministry-esque….

Spaceman: nice riff/highlight of album… so much potential! Reach for it, guys!

Nob.nod.noi: another great riff; no idea what the title means, Dopefight clearly don’t care for their audience getting the joke, so what’s stopping them from rocking the fuck out already, for fuck’s sake…!

Overall: it sounds like an album of a band warming up…. Leviathan’s Burp is the best semantic representation of what they’re about– mighty, with huge sonic ambitions, with a sophomoric sense of humor.  Now stop promising greatness guys– deliver!

Frustrating. This could’ve been so great. Maybe next time.





*Is this really a thing? Do I not know enough about pot to get the name? Or are they just making shit up?

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