Nostalgic Corner of Thrash Nostalgia: Hatchet, Awaiting Evil

[The Nostalgic Corner of Thrash Nostalgia is a safe place. An irony-free zone. A place of love, respect, tolerance… also thrash. Please– enjoy your time here.]

Full Disclosure: Thrash metal is my ideal definition of “metal”: it was what was new and cool in the mid to late 1980s, and is what I will always associate with cutting edge badass-ness… even though it’s all clichéd now.

Do you review something because it’s ground-breaking great new shit, or because it’s an adequate/ perfect tribute to a time long past?

Answer: b.

In this place, this secret garden of nostalgia, we will dispense with the eagle-eyed, unbiased critic. Here, we will evaluate solely on the RAWK principle. As in– does it or not?

This is all ye know, and all ye need know.

Let’s begin:

Logo: Black? check. First and last letter longer than the others, resulting in a vaguely axe-shaped (hatchet-shaped) word? check. Letters appear to be physically sharp and/or dangerous to touch? check.

Cover: monochrome graveyard imagery? check. winter or autumn? check. demons? check. Damned souls? check. Background approximation of Grim Reaper? check. Word “evil” anywhere on cover? check.

So far so good.

Album opens with acoustic intro? Ja! After intro, album launches into riff-fest? yup. Riffs are predominantly down-picked on solid-state ultra-high gain guitar tone? oh my, yes.

First line spoken on album? “Face down in a pool of blood.” (Extra credit.) Singer doesn’t really sing, but pseudo-menacingly speaks lyrics? yeah.

Gang choruses? ¡Si!  Initially shreddy solos segue into melodic slower section before speeding up again? Word.

Drummer plays double time, but also doubles the count on high hat and/or ride cymbal? Fail. -5. (Note to drummer: you sound like you’re rocking polka when you don’t double it.)

We’re all good here.

Nostalgia Overall Grade: 9.5/ 10


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