Cassette of (next) week: Cro-Mags, The Age of Quarrel

I had the t-shirt. I rocked the cassette until it quit working. (This from the thrash kid, who, in High School, had to’ve been LURED by NYHC to play this album so many times….) I worshipped at the Hardcore Altar of Harley Flanagan*.

Age of Quarrel was technically an hardcore album, but the guitars were thick and the riffs were sweeeet– and there’s no fooling a high school freshman obsessed with the RAWK.

Seriously– hear “Show you no mercy.” Fuck me, that’s great.

“If they don’t getcha, then the warheads will….” Awesome.

Great stuff. I still remember every Goddamned word.



*Motherfucker’s “family friend” was Alan Fucking Ginsberg.

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