Saturday Morning Underrated Comics– Flag Smasher

He’s the traumatized son of murdered diplomats, who, in a mirror-image Batman move, trained himself to physical perfection and became a super terrorist dedicated to eradicating all national boundaries. To anarchy.

He created a huge underground organization to help his cause –later usurped by the Red Skull– and survived multiple attempts by this group to assassinate him.

He captured Captain America.

He speaks a shitload of languages and is loaded with high technology. And look at those abs. Three, four percent body fat, tops.

The best part? During his first fight with Captain America, Flag Smasher gets thrown off a cliff, and cap says, impressed: “Made of stern stuff, that Flag Smasher. Didn’t even scream on the way down.”

My 6th grade eyeballs classified that as baaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaassss.

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