Saturday Morning Underrated Comics– Shroud

Why is Shroud cool?

1) He was originally intended as a mix of Batman and The Shadow– a rich man who, after a ceremony by the Cult of Kali, is a master of “darkforce,” and can project it as he sees fit, see psychically through walls, and fly.

2) Martial arts master.

3) His real name is Maximillian Quincy Coleridge/ his creator clearly loved Romantic poets.

4) He’s an undercover superhero: his official identity is that of a criminal mastermind, and only a few other heroes know he’s actually a good guy, working to protect the public.

5) He’s blind: the darkforce ceremony blinded him, branding his face with a seared tatoo, which leads us to…

6) He effectively has no public identity, as his face is covered with a seared tatoo from the Cult of Kali, the freakin’ Hindu Death Goddess.

7) Look at that costume. Makes Batman look gaudy.

And finally:

His name is Shroud. Not The Shroud. 

Just Shroud.

Like Madonna. Or Cher.

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