Albert Ayler, Spiritual Unity

The true point where metal and jazz meet: the t shirt–

nothing cooler than the plain white t explicating your love of Albert Ayler‘s best album, its declarations writ large in blood-on-parchment… [see above]

John Coltrane’s first question to Saint Albert: “What kind of reed you using?”

The howl of the True Faith: The top of that nuclear “My God!”

“he thinks it’s about notes…!”– Albert was requested by Coltrane to play at his funeral.

Think to yourself: what would you play to represent yourself after you were dead?

Albert Ayler is THAT important

Albert told us what it’s about. Albert may or may not’ve killed himself because he Knew Too Much.

I’m sorry, St. Albert. I’m sorry for your pain and how we misused you.

I’m listening. Please forgive us Philistines.

Listen to his last Will &…

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