Ghost, Opus Eponymous

Or: Def Leppard if they (overtly?) worshipped the Devil. TEENAGERS: all the attention-getting “Satanism” of Slayer without the un-melodious melody! It’s practically pop! Get in on this! Man, will your parents hate it and your peers think you’re edgy…!

Nosferatu-cover aside: satanic pop? BOC-influenced metal…? like Miley Cyrus praising the horned one: disturbing, yes, but not necessarily good. Phenomenologically-interesting, sure, but probably not otherwise….

The music? Well-written, with a pop/rock sensibility. Not metal, more rock…and that faintly NWOBHM-influenced. Very present (i.e., up-in-the-mix) vocals, unlike most stoner/ doom rock…. new wave, if they worshiped distortion… King Diamond-tinged… “Ritual” a passable Blue Oyster Cult tune…

Interesting really only for the novelty… w/out the “satanic” aspect, fairly forgettable….




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