Haarp, The Filth

Yep, been looking forward to this one for awhile (be advised: bias ahead– also, SUCK IT I WAS HERE FIRST!); I was not (with my realistic expectations confined to genre) disappointed:

Great shit. Top 15, maybe 10 of 2010, easy.

Having seen them live (permit me, if you would, to Geek Out for a minute), Haarp, apart from being a must-see live act (eat butt, cliché police!), are also the perfect visual example of Sheldon’s “body type” examples: the guitarist is tall and thin, the bassist is short and round, the singer is muscular.

Even if you’re not into that sort of thing, it’s still visually striking. Thank you, Headliner’s.

Short version: any track is good. Let them sink in. Enjoy the almost laconic rage in the tracks that (maybe) only New Orleans can birth.




Haarp myspace


NOTE: do not read ahead if you don’t want your perception of Haarp biased. The following clip will totally change your perception of Haarp. If you’re SURE you’re cool with that…

Haarp’s singer, Shaun, reminds me of the metal band Chris Farley’s Matt Foley would front. Go on: watch the clip and tell me Shaun isn’t Matt Foley in New Orleans metalhead form….


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