Mississippi Bones, Self-titled

Via The Soda Shop:

Having lived in Mississippi for years, I can empathize.

Quickly: they sound like Lord, or Stone Temple Pilots having discovered down-tuning and blues– and it’s nearly as cool as it sounds. The combination of Duke Ellington‘s “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” into a swinging swamp-blues/ metal number is just nice. (“Making deals with the robot devil.”)

Nothing original, but rocking stuff: blues riffs transformed into metal, showing clearly the line from blues to rock to metal. A bluesman tuned down a fifth from standard– aka waaaay down.

There’s even a “clap with us” section that manages to work in a metal/ rock context. Nicely done. Combine that with a coarse-lunged Karl Agell-like singer, and it’s a pretty rocking time.

With lyrics straight from the Southern-clichéd Manley Wade Wellman superstition model (not complaining at all), it’s all-in-all pretty cool stuff. Go listen:

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