Pharoah Sanders, Deaf Dumb Blind (Simmun Bukmun Umyun)

Well, here you go: this is the review. Now look at these cool pictures.

Deaf Dumb Blind was recorded at A&R Recording Studios, New York, New York, July 1, 1970.

Personnel: Pharoah Sanders (wooden flute, soprano saxophone, percussion); Gary Bartz (saxophone, alto saxophone, cowbells, percussion, bells); Woody Shaw (trumpet, percussion); Lonnie Liston Smith (piano, cowbells, percussion); Anthony Wiles (drums, congas, percussion); Clifford Jarvis (drums); Nat Bettis (percussion).

It’s two songs total– Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord and the title track. Unlike most 20-minute jazz tunes, either is worth your time and attention. There’s horns of every bore, there’s tambourines, God knows who is playing what: it’s a Whole People upward-groping their way to Give Thanks.

It’s Fucking Beautiful.

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