Why the tenor saxophone is more metal than the guitar

1) There’s no electronics between you and your audience: it’s like scaring the shit out of an audience you’re rocking with an acoustic guitar;

2) The amount of distortion you can emit comes from your very breath and your mouthpiece: and, unlike guitar electronics, you can only get more distortion the stronger your chops (i.e., mouth muscles, i.e., embouchure) are…

3) There’s no script: you can’t plan the bombastic chorus riff because, in jazz improvisation, you don’t know what the riff is until you actually play it…!

4) Jazz guys/ gals know what I’m talking about– hey, you Metalheads:

Don’t waste your time thinking (like I did for so long) that jazz was pussies on a football field playing easy listening music. Real Jazz is hardcore shit– dig this:

Versus this

And tell me I’m wrong….

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