Saturday Morning Comics: Heroes for Hire, Vol. 3

Hit it for the massiveness.

It’s not about a particular hero this morning– but this was just too internal-12-year-old-salivating to pass up.

This week Marvel released the first issue of Heroes for Hire (Volume 3). Though there have been, obviously, other versions in the past, this setup is different: overseen by Misty Knight (known as “control”– she mails each hero a earpiece for their instructions), each issue features one or several heroes working together, or completely apart from one another (though coordinated by Ms. Knight) for a certain end.

Whether it’s a coordinated effort to stop Atlantean drugs from coming up to the mainland, or mystic weapons being trafficked, there are usually very MI:6/CIA missions involved, but with Earth 616‘s spin.

Cooler: each hero is utilized according to their strengths and may only appear in an issue briefly: for example, in the first few panels alone, Falcon is used as a spotter, Paladin as a sharpshooter, and Black Widow for her driving skills. Heroes for Hire essentially guest-stars several lesser known heroes each issue (which is why it’s perfect for this column).

Coolest: each of the hero/ operatives are “street level” (they deal with street crime, not galactic threats, à la Superman), and 3 of 4 of them have either already been in this column, or I’ve already drafted their appearance.

The roster is supposed to include (thusfar): Falcon, Paladin, Black Widow, Silver Sable, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Elektra, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and the freaking Shroud.

It’s a comic I would dream about. Seriously. Now excuse me: I’m off to watch Superfriends, eat cheetos and complain about the exclusion of the “monk” player character from Advanced D&D.

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