Cassette of the Week: Trouble

The cassette is 20 years old and still works.

Trouble is the perfect album by the band of the same name. Though it seems he’s out of vogue now, Rick Rubin’s production on this (like his work on The Cult’s Electric, Danzig’s Danzig, and Reign in Blood) is minimalist, dry perfection. It highlights the sheer virtuosity of the riffs and songwriting.

Saw Trouble open for Savatage (and left before Savatage came on) in 1991, and it’s still one of my favorite shows ever. My brother and I right in front, a foot or two from Eric Wagner‘s boots. I saw drummer Barry Stern laugh when he saw how fucking psyched we were to see them live.

In turns brooding, introspective, menacing and melancholy, it’s still mature music first, and metal and/or doom metal second. It works in any genre, really. Trouble maintains power and authority even though they’re barely detuned (in D), and Eric Wagner’s melodic rasp is the perfect foil for the riffs.

No highlights– every song is noteworthy. It just depends on what mood you want. If I had to pick: the end riff of “All is Forgiven,” the chorus riff of “Psychotic Reaction,” and especially the opening riff of “R.I.P.” Fuck me, definitely that one.

You barely even notice it’s a Christian album.



buy it


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