Top 15 Jazz Albums bought in 2010

[Not “recorded” or “released” but bought by me. See how I’m getting around actually reviewing new jazz?]

In no order:

1. Coleman Hawkins, Soul

2. Booker Ervin, The Blues Book

3. Eric Dolphy, Last Date

4. Booker Ervin, The Space Book

5. Eric Dolphy, Outward Bound

6. Booker Ervin, The Song Book

7. Chet Baker, Chet in Paris

8. Tremé, Soundtrack

9. Art Pepper, Meets the rhythm section

10. Eric Dolphy, Out There

11. Pharoah Sanders, Thembi

12. Coleman Hawkins, At Ease with Coleman Hawkins

13. Harry “Sweets” Edison, Sweets

14. DJ Zedvantz, Turntable Jazz

15. Albert Ayler, Spiritual Unity

So apparently this was, for me, the year of Eric Dolphy and Booker Ervin.

One could do worse.

One comment

  1. Ha, I see you were going to the bank on Booker’s Books. I did the same with Mr. Ervin last year – and with Eric, too. Didn’t really dig into them until this year, though. But I did pick up Thembi (what a weird record) and some Ayler (the Greenwich Village recordings). I love reading these lists and looking for the overlaps…


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