Trombone Shorty, Backatown

Click it massive, baby...!

It’s not jazz, per se, as it’s normally conceived; think of it as Miles Davis covering “Time After Time,” think of it as a jazz player mating with pop to let the masses know how he lives….

Jazz is Goddamned Cool. Screw Dave Brubeck.

Though Lenny Kravitz only guests on one track, his influence somehow pervades the whole disc: funk and jazz and pop, altogether….

Very similar, actually to DJ Zedvantz….

Is it pop? Not really. Is it funk? Sorta, but not really…. Is it jazz? A bit, but not….

Like DRI, it’s crossover: New Orleans Jazz/ funk/ pop….

Now dig these:

“Suburbia” is part marching band, part jazz, part funk, with a fucking ugly guitar riff right in the middle… good Goddamned job, Shorty….

“Hurricane Season,” with its gang choruses, guitar licks, and New Orleans street march horn section…

Backatown” with its circular horn riff, like a surreal Magazine street jazz… almost Buddha’s techno through a brass bell….

“The Cure,” improvised ‘bone over a guitar riff detuned, it seems, to drop B or B standard. I fucking love the contrast between the simple stoner/doom/sludge riff and the horn over it.

I prefer the instrumental tracks, but everything is cool, cool stuff.


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