The Asound, S/T

The cover actually sums up nicely what you’re in for: riffs like sasquatch, like bigfoot, like the Yeti, like meh-teh, like…

Okay. I’m outta cryptid synonyms for things that (allegedly) stomp and smash.

Musically, The Asound (and their 3-song EP here) are much like Denver’s Low Gravity: low-fi recordings, with an obvious love for stoner/ doom rock, and with sung vocals. The Asound sound a bit like a stoner metal version of The Doors (the band, not those things Of Perception).

Opener “Joan” is great if generic stoner rock; “Snow White” is pretty much a stoner rock Ramones song; but closer “Open Eyes” is the coolest: a winding, gyrating, wah-wahed, tribal-drummed, Jim Morrison-singing stoner opera. Its chanted “Rise and feel me” chorus is sweet. It alone is worth picking this up.

The Asound myspace

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