Saturday Morning Comics– Nightrunner

In the current storyline, Bruce Wayne makes the Batman an international organization, Batman, Inc.– meaning each major city in the world gets a specific “Batman.”

Which is fucking cool enough in itself. Nightrunner, “The French Batman,” is a Sunni Muslim and an Algerian immigrant. He’s wicked fit and practices parkour.

He was recruited by Bruce Wayne after Nightrunner came to his attention in the Algerian unrest in Paris (where Muslim sections are often off-limits to French police, even having their own laws); Nightrunner and a friend were beaten by French police who mistook them for rioters.

The friend burned down a police station later and was killed by police. Nightrunner’s reaction was more positive, thanks perhaps to his mother, a pious Muslim. Nightrunner is initially recruited (along with the new incarnation of The Question) to infiltrate a terrorist organization seeking to assassinate public officials to spark civil unrest.

Nightrunner’s being an “outsider” in Paris and not the Musketeer image you might expect, strikes me as a great idea; a nice twist on expectation. Plus, as befits Batman’s image, he’s badass:

Preview his first appearance here.

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