Noah Preminger, Before the Rain

I’ve previously shown love to Preminger before….

Air and breath, taking its time, adhering to musical convention only as appropriate… brave, in that….

[Acknowledment of obviousness: Preminger is a) very young; b) very white; and c) very new.]

And yet, soooo improbably: soooo beautiful; patient, delicate, and possessed of such a beautiful, distinct tone… I envy his mouthpieces….

Where or When,” in D flat, taking its time… the best introduction to this man… just over two minutes of his ideas and soul via the horn… his seeming specialty at 1:13, the “flurry of down-soft notes, as presented to your ears via an ebonite mouthpiece with a huge facing….”

…and why do doves keep presenting themselves as comparative audio similes…?

bass and drums, bass and drums, wound metal and canvas heads, then: at 0:14, the Horn– a windy, hesitant yet confident, tiny, singular concert B… sentimental without being indulgent… at 2:11 he does That Thing, the flurry of considered tones, finally “warping” (going from the lower octave to the higher on the tenor) at 2:15… I fucking love that….

Until the Real Thing Comes Along” enters in Eb, sounding relatively standard, which (if intentional) is a masterstroke, highlighting Preminger’s abilities… smeeeeeeears out, just under your ability to hear it, at 1:05… plays a bit, then leaves the solo at 2:51 with another “warp” from G# to G (on the Tenor)….

Stay alive, Mr. Preminger… Goddamn… imagine how you’ll sound at 45… let alone 60….

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