Obiat, Eye Tree Pi

What you need to know:

Obiat have (as of this writing) 38 myspace friends, and one of them is Tori Amos…?

Their latest album, specifically track one, “Poison Thy Honey,” begins with bagpipes;

The above album cover was clearly painted onto canvas– you can even see the texture if you click on the hi-res version of this image….

What does this mean?

Jesus, who am I? Nostradamus?

Holy Crap, I’m just here to rap, Jack. Don’t expect too much.

Eye Tree Pi is angry, trippy alterna-metal.

Track 2, “Delights,” and its opener flat-out massive riff….

Track 3, “Serpent’s Rites,” is trippy, acoustic, choral backing that sounds like a pipe organ….

NoMad NoMind” opens with a bittersweet-yet-heavy riff that evolves, chanted vocals emerging at around 1:20… at 4:30 we hit an evolving riff, simple but growing ever-more intense and complex….

“Passive Attack” is just that: ambient, with whispers of the possessed… sinister and intimidating… the score to an unfilmed horror movie about murderous ghosts….

“AA54089” (no idea, dude) starts with open chords and semi-chanted vocals, busts out the riffs and anger at 1:20, then softens up, then hits back hard at 4:40 with a siiick riff that gradually seems to slow down, like entropy, like the universe yielding to Newton’s first law… fucking friction and gravity, how high we might climb without you…!

Closer “House of the Forgotten Sins” opens with reverbed-yet-revered, phased-all-to-shit acoustic riffs, sad, somehow exalted, yet bittersweet and remorseful, volume swells and bass licks… haunted spoken word voiceovers with a Polish accent…. [FYI: keep listening to this track, after the silence… it changes….]

Overall: is it world-changing? Nope. But it knows its place, and it’s more than happy with that. Not everything is Vol. 4.

Not everything has to be.

Go get!

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