They shortened their name for copyright reasons, got a Hebrew-influenced, Behemoth song/ Tetragrammaton-esque band name out of it:

Behold…! VYGR:

Hypersleep is the newest (and first full length) album, out 3/15/11

“Flares” is the latest song availalbe on Bandcamp (“Shapeshifters” is already available here, in its congregation-beseeching its oh-exhorted-to leader)… and it IS…

Pelican (a band I truly love) with vocals that work, i.e., that add melody, and where the guitars are now content to supply those Riffs of riffs…. in the comfy, near-perfect tuning of B… (a full fifth beeeeelow standard tuning)…

Which doesn’t make them an improvement over Pelican, but an interesting variation….

And does makes them 7 kinds of Awe-some…!

Give “Flares” a listen:

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