Saturday Morning Comics: Midnighter

[Back by popular demand, new obscure characters from comics, just for you… and only here.]

Midnighter, nutshelled:

A homicidal/ arguably-sociopathic masked vigilante married to his longtime gay partner; or

As his creator* Warren Ellis described him: “The Shadow by way of John Woo”; or

An alternate (and darker and funnier) universe version of Batman.

Midnighter has been a member of several teams of superheroes, including The Authority, where his husband Apollo (the alternate universe’s Superman, essentially) was also a member.

So far, pretty distinct– but the coolest aspect of Midnighter is his primary power.

Whereas nearly every superhero’s powers involve some variations of super strength or endurance or resilience (which to some degree Midnighter does have, claiming to have beaten AIDS in six weeks), Midnighter’s bioengineered abilities are pretty unique:

He has two hearts, for one (boosting/ contributing to the above resilience and strength), and what amounts to a neural combat computer:

Midnighter can run simulations of a fight millions of times over before it starts– the simulations allow him to extrapolate every opponent’s moves and countermoves, essentially granting Midnighter a clairvoyance about how an opponent will behave (and so how to defeat them, if it’s at all possible).

He is also particularly violent, generally killing opponents, and particularly gory, generally killing opponents in horrific and disgusting ways.

…and also has an adopted daughter with Apollo.

*Artist Bryan Hitch also created Midnighter.

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