Thelonious Monk’s Epistrophy as a stoner metal riff

I found this interesting*:

What would Monk’s “Epistrophy” (specifically the A section) sound like played on a detuned guitar and slowed down (aka a stoner/doom/sludge metal riff)?

Here’s Monk and Coltrane playing the melody in question:

Epistrophy A section

Here’s my hastily-recorded riff of it (played in its original key, C, but on the low B and E strings, tuned to Db standard):

Epistrophy as guitar riff


Kinda sounds like Weedeater. Doesn’t really sound off, or out of place at all. Monk was totally metal.



*I have lots of free time.


    1. Yeah, I’ve transcribed a lot of jazz licks to guitar to see if they “translate”; you can usually tell what will sound good and what will sound out of place– any minor-sounding lick will make a good riff, and the “happier” sounding ones usually just sound cheesy on a guitar. “Epistrophy” is such a weird melody, I didn’t think it would work, but I kinda like how it sounded. Coltrane’s “Spiritual” ends up sounding like Black Sabbath.

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