nanoreview: Intronaut, Valley of Smoke

Electric Wizard jamming out tunes John McLaughlin wrote while on peyote-laced meth.


To arrest, for the space of a breath, the hands busy about the work of the earth, and compel men entranced by the sight of distant goals to glance for a moment at the surrounding vision of form and colour, of sunshine and shadows; to make them pause for a look, for a sigh, for a smile—such is the aim, difficult and evanescent, and reserved only for a very few to achieve. But sometimes, by the deserving and the fortunate, even that task is accomplished. And when it is accomplished—behold!—all the truth of life is there: a moment of vision, a sigh, a smile—and the return to an eternal rest.   (Joseph Conrad, 1897)


  1. I’m enjoying the nano/pico/micro reviews. I’m interested, do you spend anywhere near as much time crafting them as writing something longer or just go with what comes to you first time?

    1. It depends; I usually block out a review page (you know, tags/ categories/art, etc.), but if as I listen the piece just devolves into a song-by-song list of descriptions that don’t really help anyone “learn” what the sound is like (you know the types of reviews I mean: “Track [X] totally rocked my face off, and then Track [X+1] kicked it around the floor!”), then I usually just erase it and try to give a to-the-point blurb about it. Kinda like what you do when you highlight exemplary sections of the review to make it easier for scanning. I love that, by the way, it makes it really easy to get an overview of the album first.

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