Red Fang, Murder the Mountains

radio sludge/ single-length…

emerges as an attempt (not entirely successful, but not entirely un- either, which really says something) to radically detune the White Album

songs first (clear continuing vocal melody, with narrative lyrics that seem to thematically match the mood of the music– when was the last time that happened?), then riffs…

and fear not, riffs there are, and all the way down to C– bravo for writing riffs that subsonic, that seismic, while actually being respectably de-tuned…

“Murder the mountains”– sounds sinister, but not sure what that entails– some sort of deforestation project? they’re coal miners of some kind? ANYhoo…

“Hank is dead” QOTSA-ish riff and vocals… Partridge Family as backing band for sludge band in 2011-vibe (suspiciously-wholesome vibe to gang chorus…).

“Throw Up” at 1:55 fires up a riff that sound like sonic spaghetti you might’ve eaten at some important dinner date: it just kept coming, and coming, and coming, winding itself around your fork….

“Painted Parade” has a cool Blink 182-gone-wonderfully-wrong vibe: surf rock for tsunamis… “Number 13” has a great, lazy, THC-dripping version of a Stevie Ray Vaughn riff: then trots back into 1950s strut territory with the verse….

“Into the Eye”– very swank, cool opening riff in only two notes (Eb to C#), then into a 6/8 time thing like something from the 1950s or Danzig’s “She Rides.”


[I don’t normally like to include band photos, because it can predispose judgments of the music based on its players (and mystery/ mystique always helps a musician), but this was cool.]

*So Sayeth Hypno-Toad!

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