Saturday Morning Comics: Nemesis

Or: Mark Millar’s idea of “What if the Batman were the Joker?” or, even more interestingly, “What if the Batman were a total cunt?” [From the British.]

Short, aka all-you-need-to-know version: “Nemesis,” the character and the comic, are an alternate-universe version of The Batman (Bruce Wayne, natch) if his parents were killed by police (because his parents were actually high-end criminals, abducting runaways and hunting them for sport), and who subsequently dedicated his life to eradicating all law-enforcement officials (instead of criminals, obvie).

It’s a Really Cool Idea.

It’s low on the dialogue, high on the gore-for-its-own-sake style of writing and illustrating, but it’s cool as all hell (in a socio/psychopathic sense).

Nemesis, is a billionaire badass martial artist extraordinaire. Nemesis, in his look-at-me I’m in All White because-I-want-you-to-see- me-coming style, is Goddamn cool beyond words.

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