The most distinct sounds in sludge/stoner/doom guitar?

So. I’ve played guitar for just about 25 years. I’ve played woodwind instruments for 30. In all my decades of loving metal, and being, I’m proud to say in retrospect, A Bitch of the Riff, I’ve noticed something.

In jazz (land of the woodwinds and brass, not so much the stringed instruments), there’s a huge emphasis on personal sound– that is, how distinct is your sound; how quickly can you be recognized by a note of two of your playing?

This has nothing to do with your ability to write songs, or how hard you rock, or how long your hair is, et cetera. It is, exactly and only, how quickly someone can hear you play and know that It Is You.

You really don’t hear that in guitar circles that much. There are different emphases in regards to What’s Important.

So. For the sake of argument, let’s reverse the genres here. (In case you haven’t read me before, that’s kinda my thing, flipping jazz and metal standards.) I think it’ll yield interesting discussion points.

Who, in the guitar land (here, specifically the stoner/ sludge/ doom arena) has the most distinct sound? (Again, not the fastest player, or the lowest tuning, or the best songs– just the most unique — and most easily identifiable– sound on the guitar.)

These are my picks. (Feel free to weigh in with your opinions in the comments section.)

In no order:


Seven Foot Spleen, Stunted

Centurions Ghost, Hyena Circle

The Devil and the Sea (link to “Monolith”)


Sloath (link to “Cane Trader”)

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