Bloodiest, Descent

Swans-y (not the city in Wales)– manages to be heavy, sludgy and intense with no or little distorted guitar–

David Bowie’s backing band, en route to a concert, can’t make it and the only musicians on hand are Swans.


Til Lindeman (Rammstein singer) writes scores for Bowie’s backing band.


Rammstein unplugged.


“Fallen” sounds like Eddie Vedder’s alterna-sludge project….

“Dead Inside” starts with the identical drum fill from 1988’s Operation: Mindcrime track “Spreading the Disease,” yet slower and more sinister, and is quickly revealed to be the only thing those tracks have in common/ singer sounds like Til Lindeman, both in his timbre and his manner, which sounds like the exhortations of a semi-psychotic yet charismatic shaman or druid priest over his followers (there is a tribal/ Teutonic vibe to the songs, and the energy is distinctly brooding Visigoth-ly, like a warriored tribe sitting around caves and cookfires, waiting for a battle…)… at around 5:00 the songs drops into an ugly funk’d groove, guitar and bass pounding in alternating riffs like a giant unholy piston in Kali‘s engine of death…

In sum: hypnotic, ambient, repetitive/industrial alterna-sludge….


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