Pentagram and Last Rites’ notable singles

No, the whole album’s not worth getting; here’s the tracks worth your filthy lucre:

“Call The Man,” “Into the Ground,” “Death in 1st Person,” and “Nothing Left.”

It’s like the cover band your fuck-up uncle plays in, between stays at some rehab clinic, surprisingly cool, and making you doubt the stigma of alcoholism….

Shit, “Call the Man” is free on iTunes.

Yeah, Pentagram is legendary in doom metal circles, but they never really left 1975….

They play like the stoner’s version of (in 1975) playing Madison Square Garden and these are their rock/AOR-ready singles… they aren’t “doom” riffs as much as typical mid-70s rock riffs with a doom/ detuned flavor….

It’s a fun record. Completely un-self conscious, and just enjoying rocking out, with their gray hair and complete stoner-obliviousness that it is in fact 2011… they’re loving this, and if you let yourself go, so will you….

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