Slomatics/ Selaah Split

So, sometimes I review tracks by putting into a list on my iPod/Zune titled “new stuff,” and put it on random. My thinking is that if I don’t know to whom I’m listening, I’ll get the “most honest” impression.

Sludge, after all, is particularly redundant and similar (even for a metal subgenre), and often I have a mostly-unconscious favoritism (or at the very least a preconceived notion) towards particular bands; I use this technique to circumvent (if possible) that tendency.

From Northern Ireland, (The?) Slomatics are almost always instantly recognizable by the sheer sonic weight of their riffs; in all honesty– they stand out. The riffs are cool, and fucking downtuned, though not particularly original (they sound a shitload like Conan, or maybe vice-versa, I don’t know the timeline), but you will always Know It Is Them.

First track, “Superlab,” from Slomatics– Helmet on cough syrup (in B?); track two, “It won’t make you happy,” has distant vocals like Paul Stanley (seriously), as do all their vocals. “It Won’t Make You Happy,” and “Emperor Boards the Ship” are virtually identical, but, when processed sonically through the right subwoofers, will change your life.

Selaah I’ve reviewed before, and the track “1736” is no exception; not technically metal, but awesome, and worth your checking out if you’re a fan of the heavy.

Slomatics Myspace

Selaah Bandcamp

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