Vinyl Review: Pelican’s “What We All Come To Need” on Southern Lord

So, a bit about me:

I love vinyl, I love the way it sounds, but– in all honesty I can’t tell much of a difference between vinyl and any digital medium unless I really know the album in question. I might buy 1 out of 50 albums on record, because, frankly, the others aren’t worth it. The difference is too slight.

Anyone who reads me regularly knows my (perhaps) perverse love of Pelican. I play jazz sax/flute regularly, and have come to love instrumental music, in a way I couldn’t have comprehended 5 or even 20 years ago.

Pelican, then, is the perfect sludge/stoner band for me: no lyrics to get in the way of what I imagine is happening during the music. Except f0r “Final Breath” there are no Pelican lyrics, and that tune seems to borrow from both Robert Frost and William Butler Yeats… so major pretension points from a former English Lit. major.

Even “Final Breath” to me is genius.

But, perhaps interestingly, my favorite Pelican number of all time is “Ephemeral” (both versions: [1] (From What We All Come to Need; and [2] from the earlier EP, Embedding the Moss).

Speaking vinyl-wise, it’s 180 grams,  there’s a double gatefold sleeve, with the album art in perfect high-res (which I’ve already discussed here)… and there’s live tracks, too.

AND: the vinyl’s clear. Fuck my eyeballs sideways, that’s cool beyond cool.

If you have even the slightest love of Pelican, go get it.

Till the seas run dry….


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