Dragged Into Sunlight, Hatred For Mankind

Dragged Into Sunlight are King Diamond become more black metal, with D-beat groove, baby

sludgy detuned black metal, with basement (dungeon?)-esque production to boot

lots of overdubbed excerpts from sinister-sounding soundbytes/ movies, not unlike White/Rob Zombie, or bits of Exodus’ Pleasures of the Flesh….

trebly-yet-low tunings, blast beats that segue well into lurching riffs, vocals so buried they’re like a meth addict screaming from next door

requires some degree of desensitization to appreciate (like black metal)

“Boiled Angel,” “Buried With Leeches,” (at 1:43 becomes noticeably louder; highlights cheap —tr00?– production), and at 4:44 drops into a lurching two-chord riff with tribal drumming slowly emerging from underneath… then sounds like a thrash band’s breakdown (but all while sounding like the same band, not a hodge-podge of styles), nicely blended

Final track “Totem of Skulls,” is ambient, studded with audio tracks of… excerpted psychotic manifesto talking points….

Severely-abused-child-with-psychotic-disorder’s-drawing cover art aside, worth checking out.


  1. This has been on my radar for a while but I know I need to be in the right mood to have even the faintest chance of liking it. I’m generally not into the utterly misanthropic (and often therefore drearily monochromatic) strains of sludgened-blacky-crustularity but I’m ready to give it a shot.

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