Microreview: Mainliner, Mellow Out

Here’s my theory about how Mainliner came into existence: Japanese heavy psych band, on LSD, in the middle of playing this lick from Hendrix’ “Purple Haze” [starting at 0:23]…

…were suddenly and violently killed, and Mellow Out is the EVP (electronic voice psychedelia) that results: a spectral, unexplainable, ceaseless repetition from somewhere, possibly beyond the grave, that collected on tape– the sound of a residual haunting over and over and over, like a poltergeist trying to wrest itself free of its mortal mooring… Poltergeist Rock.

Sloath hipped me to Mainliner during the interview with them.

CD: Riot Season records (the vinyl’s sold out), or

MP3s: Amazon

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