Song of the Second: Church of Misery, “Badlands (Charles Starkweather)”

One, it’s a cool song in and of itself: nice riff, fun vocals.

Two, the cover, modeled off Blue Notes Records’ releases, is awesome. It actually thrilled me, the visual blend of jazz and doom metal.

Three, though to me (after over a decade of working with forensic populations, some of whom actually were serial killers) the subject matter seems trite and cliché, I like what calls a “high concept” album (i.e., based on a unifying concept, like naming each song after a serial/ spree killer or mass murderer) and at least an attempt to breach the doom metal lyrical continuum. (Bonus points for knowing that Terrence Malick did a movie about Starkweather, called “Badlands.”)

Though: at the end– it’s just a rockin’ number.


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