Micro: Cerebral Bore, Maniacal Miscreation

You know what? Screw you, Carcass.

Screw your massive influence, your Disinchaning salu… necro… Oh, Nec … Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious because you’ve completely mislead the youth of today….

And Carcass didn’t even have the internet! They… looked it up!

In books, no less!

I previously called Cerebral Bore: “completely formulaic tech-death, but done so enthusiastically it’s fun to hear. Like everyone in the band is too young to have any original ideas, but is so young that they have enough excitement and adrenaline to make you remember how furious death metal can be.”

Cherry pick a couple of tracks. Any two. They all sound the same, but unlike other genres (at least to me– the only tech death outfit I listen to regularly is Decrepit Birth) I don’t feel the need to hear the whole album. Though I did.

FYI: the Carcass reference is because every other song on this bad boy is nigh-unpronounceable unless you’re in medical school.

[I know how they’re almost certainly intending their name to be interpreted, but what if they really mean “Cerebral Bore” to connote someone intellectually unstimulating? Ha.]

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