Micro: Dawn to Come, live@NFG

Dawn to Come’s live@NFG is something else….

The perfect non-statement, that…

Track one, “Dawn” starts with acoustic hauntings via guitar, with a drum behind it… (Dawn to Come are a two-piece, à la Dark Castle or Black Cobra)– this set-up allows some improv (i.e., unless the guitarist obviously fucks up, who’ll know?) as well as massive riffage (cool cover photo, beeteedub)…

The recording is terrible, but the songs are cool, like being alive in 1967 and hearing Zeppelin at your local youth center (sorry, centre) in Burmingham….

It might not be, but sounds made up on the spot –aka improvizationalism— but, in the same way that Coltrane or Dolphy are fun to listen to just make shit up, Dawn to Come are… intriguing.

“When the Trees Were Born,” very nearly the same song as the previous, but as if it had come to ground, less acoustic, more riff… I know!

It’s The Cure as a doom metal side-project!

That actually fits pretty well.

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