Micro: Olde Growth, self-titled

[Transcribed verbatim from my 7-year-old Nephew, Riley Bending Rodriguez,* and his thoughts listening to Olde Growth’s self-titled LP.]

Track one, “The Grand Illusion”:

“There’s a lot of cymbals on this one. It sounds fuzzy. They play the same thing over and over and there’s a guy screaming about something.  He’s mad. Does that hurt to yell like that?” [Plays air drums, while saying:] “Budda budda buddha BOOM!! BOOM!! What’s he singing about eagles? I love eagles. This one time, we saw one when we went to the zoo [at San Diego] but it didn’t do anything, it just looked at us. I think it was old.”

Track two, “Life in the Present”:

“What’s that clicking sound? [The cymbal] What’s it for? [Keeping time.] They should let it go.”

You can imagine the rest.

*Only part of that is his actual name.

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