Bongripper, Satan Worshipping Doom

Bongripper are so utterly dedicated to doom metal conventions, so resistant to changing them, so insistent that they always be played the same way, that they end up being unique. Satan Worshipping Doom is utterly no-nonsense– not even as far as words go. And you’d think, diabolus in musica aside, there’s really very few forms of music that, without their lyrical content, are Satanic in and of themselves– these guys couldn’t even be bothered to produce something as untr00 as lyrics.

It’s hypnotic doom-cum-sludge, à la Sloath. It’s every generic riff you’ve ever heard in doom/stoner/sludge metal: i.e., the low to high octave (E to high E over and over), and the open chord to flatted fifth and back (like say, “Symptom of the Universe,” and literally every third metal riff)–




Those two versions of metal riffs.

But…! (And stay with me!)

It is GODDAMN cool.

Bongripper love those chord changes –and those chord changes only– and you can tell: because they rock the living shit out of them.

Like a fat old delta blues man who only plays, and only needs, a I-IV-V chord progression, Bongripper are fat old doom metal men– and those men only need the open chord on the bottom string, the octave of that, and the flatted fifth.

Behold! Blues in the 21st century.

There are four songs, none under 11 minutes. Here, in order, are their titles: “Hail,” “Satan,” “Worship,” and, lastly, “Doom.”

If you like one, you’ll love all. No individual song discussion necessary.

Go, the whole thing’s $5:


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