Acephalix, Interminable Night

Inspired by Monkey Defies Gravity‘s love for the Southern Lord/ D beat/ crust punk/ death metal hybrids, I’d been listening to a ton of All Pigs Must Die, which, while quite awesome, suggested, nay, beckoned the similar-sounding, yet somehow heavier Acephalix….

[Sidenote: what the fuck is an Acephalix? Google doesn’t know.]

Short version: Entombed, even further detuned, if they grew up on Agnostic Front, the Cro-Mags… and Candlemass and St. Vitus.

I have been listening to Interminable Night pretty much consistently for the last week. This is unusual, as I usually am not drawn back, here compelled, to an album. This one is already well up on my best of 2011 lists, I’ll be pleasantly amazed if this isn’t in the top 3 of the year.

And– as perhaps you know, I love the detuned slowness, i.e., doom/sludge/ stoner metal. I love the lowlowlow sounds, going… slow.

So– it’s even more of a glowing recommendation if I like an album that only marginally fits that description.

Here is some more writing about this San Francisco genre-bending extreme metal band:

Album opener, “Christ Hole” lets you know what you’re in for: simple, heavy, waaaaay low end riffs played with a raspy Baritone screamer. They’re only detuned to C (not that far by extreme metal standards) but the production/mix/whatever just crushes.

“Daemonic Sign” flies out of the gate at 220 bpm, playing as fast as humanly possible (no mean feat, I’d imagine, with the heavy strings they’d need to play that far detuned), and closer “Interminable Night,” the best of the bunch, opens with an open chord and a middle-eastern-sounding riff that’d do the Cliff Burton of “Creeping Death” proud. At 1:05, when it’s just the riff, and the bass comes in under it, it. Is. FUCKING. AWESOME.

So enough with me already! Go listen and see what you think? What am I, a clairvoyant…?


  1. Listened to this myself on the way home from work only today! Had another listen to the song Interminable Night and there is something of the Cliff Burton to it that I hadn’t consciously noticed before, that simple tick-tocking drumbeat under the middle eastern riff you talk about is so effective too. Those bass notes are like boulders dropping off a cliff.

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