Best Sonic Prostate Exams: i.e., metal on the floor– and up your ass

So: when lying on the floor, directly in front of sub-woofers, what qualifies as a sonic prostate exam?

I noticed this perhaps-unique feature listening to Winter’s Into Darkness on vinyl. Further contenders, I feel,  include:

Conan, Horseback Battle Hammer
Cough, Sigilum Luciferi
The Devil and the Sea, Heart vs Spine
Sunn O))), Black One
Earth, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1
Eyehategod, any
Goatsnake, any
haarp, The Filth
Howl, Full of Hell
Northless, Clandestine Abuse
Pelican, any
Salome, Terminal
Sleep, any
Sloath, s/t
Unearthly Trance, V
VYGR, Hypersleep
YOB, The Great Cessation
Zoroaster, any

Well…? Whaddya think…?! What literally rumbles your bowels…?


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