ArchEnemy, Khaos Legions

Okay, admittedly the whole “band adopts a uniform, joint specific image” thing they’re doing with the whole “slogan on the shirt” thing– that’s cheesy. And yeah, it’s not really death metal, as they like to claim, not even melodic death– it’s a really pissed-off Queensrÿche with a female, death metal-styled vocalist.

Yeah… yannow what? That’s Goddamn cool.

They’re detuned to C, they have Queensrÿche-worthy solos, they’re aggressive as hell… who cares if it’s virtually the same as Rise of the Tyrant?

Cherrypickers: “Under Black Flags We March,” Rage Against the Machine blended with Queensrÿche (progressive righteous indignation?), “City of the Dead” opens with a snaky, Pantera-meets-phantom-of-the-opera lick, “Cruelty Without Beauty” manages to combine Slayer and Geoff Tate and Co., yet closes with blastbeats….  “Cult of Chaos” is a D-beat Megadeth– Mustaine’s melodic, near-pop sensibility, with blastbeats, “Thorns in my Flesh” riffs out with, literally, the best of them, “Vengeance Is Mine” opens and closes with a caffeinated-crackhead-Mötorhead riff….

[Also? Particularly well-produced. This thing is crystal-clear, every part just sparkles.]

Top 10 of the year, easy. Prolly top 5.

Yeah Rowdy! Hit that shit! (For $7!!!!)


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